Ignacio Diaz

rDFP_9012Operating Manager / Finance and Operations

Mr. Ignacio Diaz is responsible for the Operations and Finances of the group. He oversees the day-to-day operations and is an active participant in all strategic decisions within Group P6.

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 Daniela Diaz-Padua

rDFP_9073Operating Manager / Architecture and Design

Mrs.Diaz-Padua is an Architect and Urban designer. She is responsible for the Architectural Design of the residential units developed by Group P6. She brings valuable experience based on her education and design experience.

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 Jose J. Padua

rDFP_9093-e1437599618161Operating Manager / Business Development and External Relationships

Mr.Padua is in charge of the Business Development activities for the group. He manages the external and institutional relationships, as well as finding new development and commercial opportunities.

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Jose E. Padua

Executive Advisor

Mr. Padua is a well-recognized serial entrepreneur. Raised in Venezuela, over his lifetime he has successfully developed more than 4,000,000 Sq. Ft of residential and commercial real estate in three continents. Mr. Padua is also a founding member of BFGP Ingenieros, a diversified technology and construction company with operations in Colombia and Venezuela, and a well-known partner of IBM and Oracle/JD Edwards in Latin America.

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 Hernando Diaz-Candia

Executive Advisor

Mr. Diaz-Candia is an attorney and arbitrator. He is a founding partner at WDA Legal Advice (formerly Squire Sanders & Dempsey and before that Steel, Hector & Davis). Mr. Diaz-Candia represents lenders and borrowers in asset-backed financing. He has worked on corporate and private finance transactions in New York assisting clients in the areas of international investment and transactional work, in both corporate and private finance.

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